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Your solution for top notch quality for all of your card, blister and machinery needs from the blister card experts.

The modern day customer wants to clearly see and feel what he is buying. Blister packaging is a clear packaging solution that allows your customer to get a real physical idea of what he is buying, without having to even open the package.  You need blister card experts to help you with the process.

Blister Packaging isn’t complicated. However, it is foreign to most people with regard to production methods, construction and application. This site is intended to educate, inform and maybe, just maybe, sell you a little something. Regardless, it is our goal for you to inform you a little more.

Please visit the blister pack 101 page to learn more and feel free to call us with questions any time.    

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For over 35 years, CPI has used the latest production methods and machinery to offer you low prices, fast lead times and top notch quality for all of your card, blister and machinery needs. Over that period, we have manufactured everything that we sell including machinery, tooling, blisters and cards.  We are truly blister card expert, not some sales firm that happens to sell blister packaging along with a thousand other things.

CPI was established in 1984. We are a family owned business and totally focused on customer service. We are always ready to take your call to find out exactly what your requirements are.  We believe in always giving you the best advice no matter what. No job is too big or too small. Contact us today for fast and efficient service.

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