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Why should you choose us?
Simply because we are honest, caring people who truly want to help you get the best package possible. We hope that our efforts are appreciated and if you go with blister packaging that you will buy from us. Either way though, we’re going to give you the best advice and help possible.

In the over 40 years that we have been in business we have acquired the expertise in the manufacture and sales of all things blister packaging related, that we are uniquely qualified to help you with your blister packaging needs.

As a small business, we are not slaves to high overhead costs and the profit margin thinking that causes big companies to treat you as an afterthought. Every job is important to us and deserves our full attention. We may do this every day, but it just might be your first time around and we try to be mindful of that and keep you both informed and educated.

At one time or another over the past 40 years, we have manufactured everything that we sell, and although we may not build everything now, we retain the expertise, and that can help you. We are currently both a manufacturer and distributor of blister cards (depending on the quantity and special nature of some cards) and distributor of blisters and machinery from many of the biggest names in the industry.

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