Quality PVC

PVC Blisters are the second component in a blister package. They are vacuum formed over a mold and cut into individual pieces. Our method uses a combination type mold that combines the blisters of several different customers on one large mold. This combination allows us to be more efficient and offer lower mold costs and per piece prices than molds dedicated to a specific blister.

Although off the shelf blisters are not available, stock tooling is available in several sizes and shapes and offers the savings on tooling costs. Custom tooling is also available and allows you the chance to showcase your product by making a blister that conforms to the specific shape and size of your product.

A Creative & Professional Mix

Our designers are equipped to handle almost any design or vacuum forming project as our staff is truly a talented bunch. From creating blisters and clamshells to doing limited runs of specialty blisters, we have the creative eye, the steady hand, and professional mindset that you are looking for.

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